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HTL is a leading producer of laboratory equipment.  Over 35 years of experience in the design and production of manual dispensing systems, based on the philosophy of achieving customer satisfaction, have allowed us to gain the opinion of a reliable producer of customer-friendly laboratory equipment.  In order to meet the requirements of the domestic and international markets, it is consistantly applying more and more modern production technologies.  I have been co-operating with HTL since 2006.  EPRO is one of HTL’s distributors, proudly presenting the company’s products to its clients, providing comfort combined with the joy of work.  Precise automatic pipettes guarantee the highest accuracy and repeatability of results. Additionally, in combination with tips made of high-quality plastics, they ensure a reliable and  stable system.


Cleaver Scientific, EPRO’s partner from Great Britain.  I offer the equipment for a widely defined electrophoresis.  Cleaver Scientific is a leading global supplier of systems for electrophoresis and associated laboratory products.  It offers the highest quality, technologically developed and affordable equipment for high parameter electrophoresis to the global market.  The product range includes items for vertical and horizontal electrophoresis, electroblotting equipment, radiation protection equipment and gel documentation equipment.  It has an interesting offer of electrophoresis with the application of a cover which enables the observation of electrophoresis in real time. EPRO is proud to introduce Cleaver Scientific to the Polish market with the intention of ensuring your satisfaction and comfort of work.  


Biofil®  is a company that has consistently and persistently conducted research in the field of life sciences, ensuring high-quality products that combine creativity and responsibility. 
All products conform to international ISO norms and CE EU certificate.  Every stage of the production process is strictly controlled, from purchasing the material to the end of the production process.  Biofil products complement EPRO’s portfolio in terms of products for cell and bacterial cultures, enabling effective combination of work comfort and joy from the results obtained. 


Corning has been a leading designer, producer and supplier of laboratory products for over 100 years.  Corning co-operates with researchers and pharmaceutical producers.  It takes advantage of unique knowledge in the field of materials science and
 polymer surfaces, providing innovative solutions that increase productivity and enable groundbreaking research. EPRO is a distributor of Corning’s excellent product, serological pipettes.  This product was chosen by EPRO on the basis of its high-quality workmanship and a perfect fit to the HTL pipettors distributed by EPRO. 


Labnet International is a leading global supplier of equipment that constitutes the foundation of every laboratory.  The company’s portfolio includes centrifuges, shakers, thermal cyclers, thermal blocks and many products that make everyday work in the laboratory a joy.  Labnet produces its own brands such as Spectrafuge, BioPette, Enduro, AccuBlock and MultiGene which are known around the world for their reliability and effectiveness in biological research.  Labnet International understands the need for precision, quality and reliability of the equipment used for biological research. Thanks to that, our visions have combined and we have become business partners.  Regardless of whether you conduct medical research, forensic biology, DNA analysis of organic chemistry experiments, we guarantee that Labnet products and the unique quality of service provided by EPRO as a partner, will meet and we hope will exceed your expectations.  


NOEX® is a producer of high-quality laboratory products.  We are very happy to co-operate with the Polish producer of Petri dishes which are offered in various versions, ventilated and ordinary, ribbed and with divisions, in various sizes, sterile and septic.  The offer also includes inoculation loops, cell spreaders etc. These wide possibilities enable EPRO, which presents NOEX® products in your laboratories, to respond to your needs, ensuring the comfort of work and, I hope, bringing you joy at the workplace. 


Among TPP® products you will find, among others, various types of perfectly transparent bottles for adherent and slurry cultures, as well as transparent tubes, convenient scale pans and useful and impressive stands. It is worth remembering that all TPP® plastics are made from the highest quality plastics and the process of creating these products is carefully monitored and subject to rigorous control. Reliability, quality and innovation are synonymous with the TPP® brand. In an effort to meet your needs and ensure your work’s comfort and the best possible research results, we are proud to announce that EPRO® is expanding its portfolio to include these unique, top-quality laboratory plastics.


Characteristic blue IKA® devices can be found in virtually every laboratory in the world. No wonder, since this German company was founded in 1910 and is a leading manufacturer in the field of laboratory technology. IKA®‘s portfolio includes mixing, grinding, heat treatment and viscosity measuring equipment . All products are characterized by high performance, precision and extraordinary durability. As EPRO® is committed to the highest quality research products, including laboratory equipment, we are pleased to announce that we are joining the group of IKA® distributors.


ibidi® is a leading provider of functional cellular tests and advanced products for cellular microscopy. From the very beginning, ibidi® has been developing its products in close cooperation with academics and life science companies. The key to ibidi®’s international success is scientific passion, a constant desire to innovate and the ability to build strong customer relationships. Thanks to the innovative research tools offered by ibidi®, EPRO®, as its partner, will enable Polish scientists to achieve exceptional successes and breakthroughs in life sciences, pharmacy, biotechnology and medical diagnostics.