Behind the scenes of processing your orders of BioShop reagents.

3 July 2023

In today’s post, we will invite you behind the scenes of the work of our Puck office and warehouse, and try to explain to you how the process of processing orders for BioShop reagents, of which EPRO is the exclusive distributor throughout Europe, works.

It is a great honor and joy for us to deliver BioShop reagents to you within just 24 hours of your order, and this is possible when we have the product in stock. Although regular and thorough analysis of your order history allows us to most often equip EPRO’s warehouse with the reagents you need most, there are times when your extraordinary creativity and thus demand for a particular BioShop product obliges us to bring it to you directly from the Canadian manufacturer. Of course, before we sit down to draw up an internal order to BioShop, we check all the alternatives (different available package size, different purity class) of a given BioShop product that we offer you through our representatives. If there is no alternative, or if you do not approve of said alternative, we do our best to ensure that the reagent you order is in EPRO’s Puck warehouse in the shortest possible time. However, it has almost 7,000 kilometers to travel, which is … a long way. However, this is not a frightening distance for a colleague in charge of logistics at EPRO. Thanks to her work, the reagent you order usually arrives in Puck about 10 days after we place the order at BioShop.

Thus, it can be written that if you place an order for a reagent that is not currently in stock at EPRO and thus must be imported from Canada, you will have to wait about 21 days. Is this a long time? Probably it depends on the stage of your research and your plans. So for some it will be too long a waiting period, for others an acceptable period. However, one thing is certain at EPRO. You will never be left without information on the estimated delivery date of your order. Moreover, we will always respect your decisions and will always do our best to bring you the product you need in the shortest possible time. This is because we are very keen for you to see EPRO as a partner that is honest, transparent and dedicated to your needs.

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