Behind the scenes of processing your orders of BioShop reagents.

3 July 2023

In today’s post, we will invite you behind the scenes of the work of our Puck office and warehouse, and try to explain to you […]

Pipetting on screen or how filmmakers use pipettes

1 June 2023

Although the automatic pipette plays one of the main roles during your lab work, it is an item that appears relatively infrequently in movies and […]


21 December 2022

December is a very special time for scientists. Although the temperature outside has dropped down, the work in the laboratories is in full swing. The […]

EPRO Sailor – navigate towards excellence

11 March 2022

Our route to excellence is a response to your current needs, the high quality of products in the EPRO portfolio, and a team of dedicated employees who are passionate about their work. “Excellence” as we understand it means continuous development, and a path that is the goal in itself.

EPRO Power Zone TaqNeq™ polymerase

8 December 2021

EPRO Power Zone TaqNeq™ polymerase is the best answer to your DNA polymerase needs and requirements for PCR reaction design.

EPRO support Polish science

13 September 2021

Providing assistance to organisers of the most interesting scientific conferences is not only one of EPRO’s goals, but above all a great reason to be proud. For we are well aware that events of this kind serve scientists from all over the world.