21 December 2022

December is a very special time for scientists. Although the temperature outside has dropped down, the work in the laboratories is in full swing. The upcoming Christmas accompanied by holiday radio songs forms a perfect opportunity to relax, recharge your batteries, get together with your family, but also to take a look at what EPRO shop offers for 2023. I strongly encourage you to check it.

Over the last few weeks, the tireless EPRO representatives have left the latest version of the much-loved EPRO planner in your laboratories. Apart from recording events that are important to you or  marking demand for, for example, BioShop’s Agarose, the EPRO planners for 2023 have a few details that I would like to explain to you in this post.

First of all, I would like to kindly draw your attention to the upper coloured part of the EPRO planner. For it is the place where we present a space especially prepared for you called EPRO PCR Field. With the EPRO PCR Field, you can look forward to the coming year with hope and security.

Why? Because in the aforementioned space you can find many reliable products of ours. Apart from the precise and convenient Sailor™ pipettes you already know and ultra-smooth OceanTips™ tips, EPRO PCR Field is filled with transparent tubes made of the highest quality virgin polypropylene, such as LumiPCR™ tubes with optically clear lids and ThinPCR™ tubes as well as the already popular in your laboratories LatchLock™ EP tubes. Apart from the tubes, we also produced extremely durable 96-well InfinityPlates™ that are compatible with the most popular thermal cyclers and guarantee optimal heat transfer. In order to ensure the safety of your samples, we have also taken care of the issue of protecting them with foil. In the EPRO PCR Field you will find these under the name OneCut™ Films.

Although the PCR Field space was technically created by EPRO, it could not have been created without your support. Without dozens of meetings with you and without hours of discussions with you. EPRO PCR Field is therefore a first-class response to your needs and our desire to ensure that you feel safe and enjoy the experience.

You will soon learn more details about the aforementioned new products from the EPRO PCR Field space via EPRO representatives, our blog and our LinkedIn profile.

In the meantime, on behalf of the entire EPRO team, I would like to thank you sincerely for your cooperation with us and your support in 2022. We will do our best to ensure that 2023 will bring you even more working comfort and great results with products from the EPRO portfolio.

We wish you a peaceful Christmas full of warmth and love. We would also like to wish you an exceptional New Year 2023 and, of course, a swinging party as you bid farewell to 2022.