EPRO Sailor – navigate towards excellence

11 March 2022

The mission of EPRO SCIENCE is to enable our Customers to enjoy their work and to help them find the time to pursue their passions. Although our goal quite often required dedication and effort, the knowledge that, thanks to us, you are able to conduct scientific research continuously and with great joy, is worth every minute of our work. Our route to excellence is a response to your current needs, the high quality of products in the EPRO portfolio, and a team of dedicated employees who are passionate about their work. “Excellence” as we understand it means continuous development, and a path that is the goal in itself.

At this moment, I would like you to close your eyes for a while and think: what does “excellence” mean for you”? Or: what is “perfect” for me? I am well aware that it is easy to ponder upon such thoughts, but the tea or coffee is getting cold and the work at the lab still needs to be done. However, what would you say if your thoughts about “excellence” were transformed into a product that you may use on a daily basis?

One of the actions that you have to perform in the laboratory, thousands or even hundreds of thousands of times, is pipetting. Yes! In my imagination, I can now see your rather unhappy faces, which demonstrate that this is not always the most pleasant part of your work. This may result from the imperfections of the pipette that you use. It seems that we have found a solution! After hundreds of hours of talking with scientists, EPRO created a pipette that is close to perfection and combines all the elements of pipettes that work well for you and make them exactly as you want them to be – PRECISE and CONVENIENT to use.

Let me introduce the new, beautiful, colourful pipette EPRO SAILOR™!

Sailor is so EASY to use because of such elements as the innovative, ergonomic handle and the optimised finger holder. The fact that the Sailor™ pipette perfectly fits the hand of the user and a wider opening for the finger also allow eliminating the human errors during pipetting by forcing the vertical stabilisation, which makes the Sailor so PRECISE.

As you can see, the EPRO SAILOR™ pipettes allow us to navigate towards excellence. If you are interested in the above information and you would like to sail along with EPRO, do not hesitate to contact us. Our representatives will be happy to anchor in your harbours so that you can test the Sailor™ pipette in real life and see that excellence is on the horizon – right within the reach of our sight and hands.

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