EPROtubes are now available on EPRO’s store website!

25 May 2021

In the previous post we announced that we would soon provide you with information on a new, proprietary EPRO product. We have to admit that we are very excited because THIS moment has just arrived. So, without further ado..

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen!

(The curtain rises, a beam of light illuminates the stage, which has been immersed in darkness until now, in the background one can hear the growing sounds of solemn music and snare drums)

It is with great pride and joy that we present to you the first products under the EPRO brand, born out of dreams and passion, determination and perseverance, manufactured with care for the Planet and for Science.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce the one and only EPRO Test Tubes!

Gentlemen’s eyes will probably be attracted by their unusual, fetching, cup-shaped silhouette. Ladies, on the other hand, are sure to take notice of their gorgeous, stylish hats (lids). EPRO Test Tubes are also transparent and perfectly finished.  It’s impossible not to fall in love with their look, right?

But let’s focus on the types and delectable parameters of our unique EPRO Test Tubes.
Available today are 0.1 ml EPRO Test Tubes for PCR in 8-station strips,  each fitted with an individual flat cap. The currently small family of EPRO Test Tubes is completed with a 0.2 ml PCR tube with a domed cap. The EPRO Test Tubes are made of durable natural polypropylene, so turning them red hot (121˚C) and then freezing them (-80˚C) will not make any impression on them. Don’t let their thin walls fool you either. This parameter guarantees an effective and fast heat transfer. Strict control of their production also ensures that you will always receive a product of the highest quality, precision and efficiency.

The inspiration for EPRO Test Tubes is the sea and the power of its waves, providing mental and literal energy like ATP. In the case of EPRO Test Tubes, we have also not given up on our efforts to benefit the environment. EPRO Test Tubes are packed in special, ecological boxes.

By choosing EPRO Test Tubes you bet on aesthetics, efficiency and ecology. You also provide yourself with all sorts of comfort – the comfort of product availability and quality, as well as peace of mind.

After all, EPRO Test Tubes were created to put you in the best mood. We are sure that choosing them will guarantee that.

EPRO Test Tubes are now available on the EPRO’s store website.
Follow this link for more details about our first proprietary product. Of course, all EPRO employees are at your disposal should you have any further questions.

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