EPRO and Cheiron Pharma partnership

29 July 2021

The recent months have brought EPRO nothing but pride and joy. Not that long ago we broke the news about the launch of our first extraordinary product that the EPRObes are. This time around we have a great pleasure to introduce you to the new partner of EPRO in the distribution of top-quality BioShop products, namely CHEIRON PHARMA.

CHEIRON PHARMA was established in Germany in 2014. The founders of the company in question are Carsten Loebel and Stefan Thomsen. The agency of local representatives allows CHEIRON PHARMA to stay active in all of the main pharmaceutical markets the world over. Furthermore, the company never ceases to amaze with scrupulousness, transparency and tailored approach to each and every client. EPRO and CHEIRON have a lot in common, but the most important shared goal of both companies is to provide you with joy at work and guarantee you the peace of mind.

Enough said, it would not be possible with top-quality products. This is when BioShop comes in, all in white and green. A well-known Canadian brand, which through the agency of EPRO, and from now on CHEIRON PHARMA, supplies laboratories in the whole of the European Union with the cleanest and, therefore, the best reagents for scientific research. Speaking of BioShop, I would like to invite you to visit its improved website, where EPRO is presented in all its glory as a distributor of reagents in the European Union. We are also talked about on the website of CHEIRON PHARMA.

We believe that the partnership with the wonderful people of CHEIRON PHARMA will yield benefits both for them and us. We are convinced, though, that the biggest winner of this partnership will be the Researchers across the European Union. We have joined forces just for you so that we can provide all of you with a constant and convenient access to top-quality research reagents.

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