Joyful work of Scientists and EPRO

3 January 2021

Attention, excellent organisation, precision, reliability, determination and, of course, enormous knowledge, are the hallmarks of the Scientists, in case of whom EPRO is pleased and honoured to deliver high quality products for extremely serious and amazing experiments. It would seem that in such a hermetic work environment, it is difficult to find a sense of humour and distance to each other.


Many years of EPRO’s activity, and consequently experience in cooperation with Researchers, Scientists, allow us to state that contrary to appearances, laboratories are not colourless and sterile places like some products from our portfolio. 😊 We are working on the graphic design to create a message that will allow Scientists to smile at each other, at us when they visit our online store to reach for BioShop reagents, such as Agar or Acetylic Acid.

One of EPRO’s goals is to enable our customers to enjoy their work. We want them to never lose that gleam in their eyes and excitement when they talk about protein separation, DNA isolation or running PCRs. When thrilled by migrating mitochondria, they show us flow visualizations in axons using products from EPRO’s portfolio. After all, laboratories are often places where Scientists pursue their passions.

We have started “coloring” the standard of our cooperation. We believed that attaching nice letters, wishes of a great day, successful experiences, etc., as well as providing colourful planners for 2021, or efficient, nice, often humorous correspondence or phone calls, allow Scientists to return to their research with a great mood and smile on their faces. We have hard evidence that these actions are effective. Here are a few quotes from the e-mails of satisfied EPRO scientists we would like to share with you, as they bring a smile to our face, and we are happy to continue our work for you.

A lot of thanks for your order and processing.

I’m pleasantly surprised and I’ll certainly get back to you.

(…) first of all, thank you for the quick processing of my order. In addition, thank you for a nice addition to the products I ordered, in the form of a smiley and wishes. I have to admit, this is the first time I’ve ever had such a nice time receiving a package.

Great! Thank you very much for your quick replies.

Thank you very much for your offer and commitment.

Thank you for the quick information!

Thank you very much for the nice message, and the pipette shaft can be coloured, it will always be more pleasant in the lab.

I wish you luck, especially in these unusual and difficult times.

Thank you! You’re saving us 🙂 Best regards and have a wonderful day too!

I would also like to thank you for your reliable approach to the customer, as well as nice comments on waybills with each shipment. It makes you feel better 🙂 the reagents have already arrived 🙂

Awesome! Thank you!

The satisfaction of Scientists is a priority for all EPRO employees. Every nice feedback, in turn, makes us feel happy and fulfilled, because our visions and innovative – in terms of the lifescience market – although simply “human” approach to customers prove to work. We are grateful for your references, recommendations and cooperation.

With the upcoming time, EPRO employees would like to wish you peace of mind, the warmth of your family, and a break from everyday difficulties. We also hope that in the 2021 you will complete your plans and dreams, that every experiment will be a spectacular success, and that your work will bring you a lot of joy.

Thank you very much for everything!  

Ewa Magdalena, Marzena, Przemysław, Piotrek, Marcin and Robert

Tags: protein separation, DNA isolation