German perfection and efficiency. IKA® in EPRO’s portfolio!

3 December 2020

IKA® products are in laboratories all over the world. Such assumptions can be made on the basis of the number of factories established by this company and a statistical study according to which as much as 25% of all magnetic and mechanical stirrers, as well as homogenizers or shakers located in Western European laboratories are the devices manufactured by this German company. They are characterized by robustness, durability and very high performance. You’ll recognize them easily. It’s the ones in the calming, blue color.

The history of IKA® began in 1910 in Cologne with the founding of a pharmaceutical sales company by Curt Janke and Max Kunkel. Their clients were mainly hospitals, pharmacies and laboratories. Janke and Kunkel’s thriving company survived the extremely difficult years of the Great War and the economic crisis of the 1920s which certainly required a great deal of effort and ingenuity from the founders.  
In 1937, Janke and Kunkel left the company, leaving it in the good hands of Herbert and Wilfried Leiberich and, above all, René Stiegelmann. In 1942, after the RAF bombings on Cologne, a large part of the company’s warehouses, production facilities and offices were destroyed. The losses were serious enough to make it necessary to start all over again, but in a different place. Staufen in southern Baden was chosen, where, fortunately for all scientists today, the company was reactivated. In 1950, Janke & Kunkel was renamed to IKA®, which, after rebranding, got back on track.

Thanks to the perseverance, passion and diligence of all the people involved, IKA® has remained popular and successful to the present day by offering a wide range of innovative devices for many applications. IKA® has gained a leading position in the global market with innovative magnetic stirrers, mixers, top agitators, shakers, homogenizers, mills, rotary evaporators, calorimeters, laboratory reactors and specially developed software for laboratory and analytical applications. We are pleased to announce that EPRO® has started working with IKA®. Thus, we will have the pleasure of offering you the best laboratory equipment from this manufacturer. It is a real honour that we can represent a company that for over a hundred years has been transforming even the most extraordinary visions into reality.

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