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13 September 2021

In October last year we informed you that EPRO was among the sponsors of the Homocysteine – Mini conference held in Poznań. In 2021, the forum for exchanging views and ideas on homocysteine will expand worldwide. The 13th International Conference on One Carbon Metabolism, B Vitamins and Homocysteine is an unprecedented event in Polish science. We are honoured to be able to support an initiative that will bring together some of the most distinguished and recognisable specialists in the field in one place between 12 and 16 September 2021.

Providing assistance to organisers of the most interesting scientific conferences is not only one of EPRO’s goals, but above all a great reason to be proud. For we are well aware that events of this kind serve scientists from all over the world. After all, their development, resulting from the exchange of experience and mutual analysis of research results, may lead to conclusions having an indirect, and in the future, a direct impact on the life of every person.

Supporting similar initiatives is also an incredible boost of energy and motivation for all researchers. Being able to look into their passionate eyes as they speak, in turn, gives EPRO staff confidence that providing scientists with the best products for their research is an extremely important and responsible job. Guaranteeing you peace of mind by systematically supplementing your needs is also a great pleasure.

Before we invite you to the 13th International Conference on One Carbon Metabolism, B Vitamins and Homocysteine, we would like to share with you the beautiful letter of acknowledgement that EPRO received from the Warsaw Biotechnology Association for supporting the wonderful undertaking that was the 9th Inter-University Biotechnology Symposium “Symbiosis”.

Meanwhile, together with the organisers of the 13th International Conference on One Carbon Metabolism, B Vitamins and Homocysteine, we are pleased to invite you to plenary lectures, special lectures, poster sessions, discussions and meetings with the most eminent specialists addressing the following topics:

1. Causes and consequences of deficiencies in the metabolism of B vitamins and homocysteine.

2. Genetic polymorphisms affecting the metabolism of one-carbon units.

3. Epigenetic mechanisms in hyperhomocysteinemia and B vitamin deficiencies.

4. Influence of the microbiome on homocysteine/single-carbon unit metabolism; role of dysbiosis in human diseases.

5. Interactions between homocysteine, B vitamins and reproduction.

6. Deregulation of homocysteine metabolism / metabolism of one-carbon units and development of neurological diseases.

7. Functions of choline in the metabolism of one-carbon units in health and disease

More details about the conference can be found on the website: www.homocysteine2021.org

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