EPRO Power Zone TaqNeq™ polymerase

8 December 2021

In the middle of 2021, EPRO proudly launched its first proprietary products on the lifescience market, which are the EPROtubes you already know very well. Encouraged by the excellent reception and great reviews of the EPROtubes, we have decided to equip you with another signature product for PCR reactions. Before you is the EPRO Power Zone TaqNeq™ polymerase.

EPRO Power Zone TaqNeq™ polymerase is the best answer to your DNA polymerase needs and requirements for PCR reaction design.

All thanks to a fusion DNA polymerase based on Taq DNA polymerase and the unique NeqSSB protein.

The NeqSSB protein is derived from an archaeon invisible to the naked eye, Nanoarchaeum equitans, a hyperthermophile parasite of Ignicoccus hospitalis.

N. equitans was first discovered in 2002 by Karl O. Stetter of the University of Regensburg on the Icelandic volcanic island of Kolbeinsey, which had been condemned to annihilation by wave erosion

The fusion of one of the most popular Taq DNA polymerases and a highly thermostable and unique NeqSSB protein has allowed to obtain a product, which does not lose its activity during the reaction at high temperatures or in many denaturation cycles. Moreover, it is characterised by a high rate of DNA synthesis, high processivity, tolerance to the presence of inhibitors and unusual flexibility in the choice of reaction conditions.

We decided to compare the uniqueness of TaqNeq fusion polymerase to the so-called Power Zone, a term derived from a water sport close to our hearts – Kitesurfing.

Power Zone is, in a nutshell, the zone of maximum power, the synergy of wind power and talent, enabling us to control the kite and create spectacular plumes of waves.

Thanks to Power Zone synergy, we do the impossible, just like EPRO Power Zone TaqNeq™. It also seems to us that the words ‘Power’ and ‘Zone’ are a perfect reflection of the power, speed, versatility and efficiency that characterise our TaqNeq fusion polymerase.

EPRO polymerase samples located in the freezers of our warehouse are waiting for those willing to test them! We would be delighted to send them to you. To obtain an EPRO Power Zone TaqNeq™ polymerase sample, simply email orders@eproscience.com or office@eproscience.com.

We strongly encourage you to try the EPRO Power Zone TaqNeq™ polymerase and thus create the best conditions for spectacular experiments.

EPRO has exclusive sales of TaqNeq polymerase in Poland, Russia, UK, France, Czech Republic, Germany, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary.

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