TPP® products in EPRO’s portfolio!

3 December 2020

Mountains, chocolate, cheese and watches are the first associations that come to mind when thinking about Switzerland. We are convinced that soon – mainly in the minds of local scientists – this list of pleasant stereotypes will be increased by one more item… plastics.

Where does this idea originate from? Since 1966, in the canton of Saffron, the northernmost part of Switzerland, the Tanner family have been manufacturing high-quality plastic products for cell culture and laboratory technology.  The company’s name is TPP® and the quality standards it represents have earned it the rightful brand recognition among scientists all over the world. The characteristic yellow colour of TPP® products makes them unique and additionally allows one to enjoy the work performed in the laboratory even more.

Among TPP® products you will find various types of perfectly transparent bottles for adherent and slurry cultures, as well as transparent tubes, convenient scale pans and useful and impressive stands. It is worth remembering that all TPP® plasticsare made from the highest quality plastics and the process of creating these products is carefully monitored and subject to rigorous control. Reliability, quality and innovation are synonymous with the mysterious name of TPP®.

In an effort to meet your needs and ensure your work comfort and the best possible research results, we are proud to announce that EPRO is expanding its portfolio to include these unique, top-quality laboratory plastics. We look with excitement and pride towards the yellowing part of EPRO’s warehouse and invite you to place your orders.

You can find TPP® products in EPRO’s online shop at this link,2,3890

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