Joyful work of Scientists and EPRO

3 January 2021

Attention, excellent organisation, precision, reliability, determination and, of course, enormous knowledge, are the hallmarks of the Scientists, in case of whom EPRO is pleased and […]

German perfection and efficiency. IKA® in EPRO’s portfolio!

3 December 2020

IKA® products are in laboratories all over the world. Such assumptions can be made on the basis of the number of factories established by this […]

TPP® products in EPRO’s portfolio!

3 December 2020

Mountains, chocolate, cheese and watches are the first associations that come to mind when thinking about Switzerland. We are convinced that soon – mainly in […]

EPRO for Homocysteine Mini – Conference Poznań 2020

3 December 2020

The 2019 Homocysteine Mini conference proved to be an event that was very much needed in the Polish scientific community and which resulted in its […]