EPROtubes are now available on EPRO’s store website!

25 May 2021

In the previous post we announced that we would soon provide you with information on a new, proprietary EPRO product. We have to admit that we are very excited because THIS moment has just arrived.

EPRO, highest quality of service

6 April 2021

EPRO has been providing you with our services since July 2020. While eight months in business may seem like a relatively short period of time, in the face of the difficulties associated with the Coronavirus pandemic in particular, the rapid growth of the brand and, above all, the satisfaction of our wonderful customers, testify to the fact that EPRO has established itself in the life science industry for good.

Joyful work of Scientists and EPRO

3 January 2021

Attention, excellent organisation, precision, reliability, determination and, of course, enormous knowledge, are the hallmarks of the Scientists, in case of whom EPRO is pleased and […]

German perfection and efficiency. IKA® in EPRO’s portfolio!

3 December 2020

IKA® products are in laboratories all over the world. Such assumptions can be made on the basis of the number of factories established by this […]

TPP® products in EPRO’s portfolio!

3 December 2020

Mountains, chocolate, cheese and watches are the first associations that come to mind when thinking about Switzerland. We are convinced that soon – mainly in […]

EPRO for Homocysteine Mini – Conference Poznań 2020

3 December 2020

The 2019 Homocysteine Mini conference proved to be an event that was very much needed in the Polish scientific community and which resulted in its […]